what is redplantpress

As at  January 2014, I have just finished my MA in Creative Writing at the University of Lincoln.

During the course it was mandatory to produce a pamphlet of work. I chose Lulu.com as a print on demand publisher for the pamphlet and called the imprint redplantpress.

Lulu was a good choice because the end result is attractive with a glossy cover, there is flexibility on  the  choice of size, you can select colour and/or black and white for the innards, you can have a free ISBN with listing on Amazon and there is no commitment to a vast financial outlay.

I also found it easy to use.

The name redplantpress comes from my user name on art sites, redplantlady. This was the least imaginative choice of name possible, as the prompts were to choose a colour, a thing and a person. However it exists and seemed a good choice for the name of the press.

final logo

The logo is chosen from an old alphabet font, 16th Century French